Seals Kit (oil - dust) Dual Compound WP 43mm

Seals Kit (oil - dust) Dual Compound WP 43mm



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Fork seals are a vital part of the protection of the front suspension system, with a crucial impact on the sensitivity and comfort required in the most extreme environments.

SKF fork seals have proven their performance for more than 10 years. Now completely redesigned, new rubber compounds have been developed, with new geometries, both in the lip of the dust cover and in that of the seal.

The combination of compounds in the same mold, together with the improved properties of the sealing lips, offer longer life and lower friction throughout the entire fork travel. The metal core and the spring that embraces the dust cover have also been redesigned. This spring has been designed to be self-cleaning and dirt does not affect its operation, this prevents premature contamination of the seal.

The benefits of dual compound are:

  • Better and longer lasting sealing properties.
  • Less contamination of the seal.
  • Effective protection for the internal mechanisms of the fork.
  • Minimal friction to improve motorcycle control and performance.


  • Redesigned dust guard lip, combined with a new compound.
  • Dust cover spring specifically constructed to be self-cleaning, this means that dirt does not affect its tension. This reduces the possibility of spring displacement under pressure washing.
  • Outer lip of the seal, with a new green compound, improves dust sealing and lower friction.
  • Internal lip of the seal, with a new design and red compound, to improve sealing and reduce friction.

The kit includes 1 seal and 1 dust cover. It is necessary to purchase two kits to make the complete fork.

We recommend that you always perform maintenance on both bars at the same time to avoid problems and have better operation and performance.


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