Suspension case

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Hard shell and soft interior: the suspension case offers the perfect protection for suspensions. Rigid exterior with four latches and flexible rubber sealing ring for waterproof closure protects against dirt, dust, water and temperature variations. The valuable content remains intact inside thanks to the base and foam padding. Pressure compensating valve allows for air transportation. With three handles and wheels, you can easily transport this case like a trolley. Maximum safety and protection for suspensions. 

 • Perfect for traveling or shipping complete suspensions 
 • Rigid and robust casing 
 • 4 Latches 
 • 3 removable foam padding (1 acoustic protection foam on the lid, 1 piece of pre-cut foam and 1 piece of thick foam on the base) 
 • 3 Handles 
 • 2 wheels for easy and comfortable transportation 
 • Rounded corners 
 • Rubber sealing ring for watertight closure 
 • Protection against corrosion and temperature variations 
 • Isolates from blows, dust and humidity 
 • Pressure compensation valve 
 • 2 padlock buckles

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Suspension case

Suspension case